Thursday, April 1, 2010

Review Panel: Outright Brewing Eel Stout

Eel and stouts are a well-known and appreciated combo. But few people have heard of Eel Stout. As in, making a stout with the eel already added. These days, the eels are often added in either the mash or the boil. Sometimes just the head or just the tail, sometimes both.

I have assembled a panel of self-proclaimed beer geeks to review the beer instead of just one opinion you get a more fair and balanced take on the beer. Here we go ...

Joyce Brett – Amazing beer! But I’d suggest putting it in 7oz bottles and charging twice as much for it. Also, they should re-brand it for Japan and import it back to the states at triple the cost. That’s marketing synergy, baby!

Nurse Wart – I hated this beer. Those dirty hippies at Outright brewing make me feel uncomfortable about myself. Hey hippie kid, take off that hat and pay attention to me! The one well-groomed young man pouring beers was nice to me so that made me feel good about myself if only for a fleeting moment. I should have asked him for a hug. (Sigh)

Northwest Beer Magazine – Outright Fort George Roots Left Hand’s Eel Stout has truly redefined the style. Look for our (99% plagiarized!) feature in next month’s issue. Note to MAN-HO Rich – please get in touch ASAP re: Eel Stout brewing pictures.

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